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Join Our Ultimate 21 Day Yoga Challenge

This challenge invites yoga enthusiasts of all levels to embark on a 21-day adventure, exploring the profound benefits of a consistent yoga routine. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the mat, this challenge offers an opportunity to deepen your practice, enhance your self-awareness, and amplify your overall well-being.

Ramp up your summer and elevate your practice with our Ultimate 21-Day Yoga Challenge on HTPY!


After you complete this challenge, you can expect to experience increased strength, flexibility, and balance in your physical body. You will feel more centered, grounded, and present in your daily life, as the deepening of your yoga practice naturally extends beyond the mat.

Experience of our world-class teachers for 21 days

(get your first five days FREE).



Balancing: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

Sometimes life gets a little bumpy and we feel like we're only holding on by a thread. Balancing poses can feel the same way sometimes, but they're important to explore as they bring us new perspectives and teach us how to be in the present moment. Join Allison by the river as we flow on uneven terrain while challenging our minds with balancing big toe pose.



Intermediate Vinyasa: Glow Flow with Kaylie Daniels

In this intermediate vinyasa class with Kaylie, we’ll work into some arm balances, inversions, and poses! No equipment needed, unless you’d like a block or strap in your practice!

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Body Weight Abs Flow with Missy Fresques

Join Missy Fresques in this 25 minute body weight abs flow, focusing on the strength of your core! 



Hips and Hummingbird: Peak Posture Series with Liz Biscevic

First class of this series of peak posture flows with Liz Biscevic! In this 35 minute class, you'll flow through hip openings and twists, prepping for hummingbird pose. Get ready to flow and sweat!



Quick Feel Good Flow: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

This quick feel good flow with Andrew will get your body moving and feeling good! Try this for a warm up or cool down to your day.

Rest of the Challenge:


Day 6: Dynamic Core: HIIT Yoga with Kate

Day 7: Full Body Recovery Vinyasa with Hiro

Day 8: Hamstrings and Hip Flexors with De’andre

Day 9: Low Back and Low Body: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim

Day 10: Core Burner Flow: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison

Day 11: Body Weight Booty Flow with Missy

Day 12: Core and Camel: Peak Posture Series with Liz

Day 13: Hips, Hamstrings, Happiness: Bali Vinyasa Series with Andrew

Day 14: Chill Vinyasa: Glow FLow with Kaylie

Day 15: Finding Balance: Bhakti Vinyasa with Peter

Day 16: Strong Flow: Vinyasa with Hiro

Day 17: Full Body: HIIT Yoga with Kate

Day 18: Energizing Self-Love Flow: Vinyasa with Andrea

Day 19: Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim

Day 20: I am Brave: Mantra Vinyasa Series with Vance

Day 21: Yoga Nidra with De’andre

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Extraordinary Teachers

Upgrade your practice with a curated mix of our very favorite teachers, world-renowned instructors, and some of our favorite local yogis all in one place!

A Class For Every
Day Of Your Life

From beginner to advanced classes, various styles, and class length — you will find a class to suit your mood and time availability. Join today and experience an ever-expanding library of classes from world-class teachers designed to challenge and deepen your practice on every level.

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