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See what our community is saying about our platform (and app)!

"Best yoga app I’ve used so far!

I’ve been using HTPY for almost a year now and it has given me the confidence and reassurance to start and continue on my yoga journey! I have wanted to practice yoga for years but I’ve always been nervous about doing it on my own at home because I was scared I would hurt myself and do things wrong. But in person studios are sooo expensive, and this app has saved me!

The quality of the instructors and classes are amazing for the price I’m paying to have access! I can confidently say you won’t regret subscribing for this app. I love the diversity of the instructors and types of classes they offer. I never get bored because there’s always a video/class/instructor that I haven’t tried yet!

Some of the instructors that I love are Peter Walters, Vance Vlasek, Liz Biscevic, Christine Anderson, Andrew Sealy, and Kaylie Daniels! I absolutely love Vance’s classes because they are so fun and encouraged me to try difficult things. I was able to jump/transition from crow pose straight into chaturanga for the first time during his Mantra series on the app!"

- Vanessa C.


"I got this app mainly because it has one of my favorite instructors hiro landazuri but have enjoyed other instructors as well. Hiro’s body smart teachers you a lot about your body. Without an understanding of anatomy, you can look like you’re doing it right but be compensating with the wrong parts of your body leading to injury or the pose not accomplishing its task. I like that there’s different series and lives to participate in to help keep you motivated."

-Chia-yi L.

"Exactly what I needed.

I am so happy I found this app. HTPY is what I use for my daily workout. I love the different types of classes and different teachers. I use it on my Roku TV also and it’s just so easy to practice in multiple rooms of my house or anywhere on the go. They send weekly class recommendations and this keeps my practice well-rounded. I love this app so much that I find myself wanting to do another workout after finishing one!"

- Gabrielle M.



"I love HTPY so much!!! I highly recommend it to everyone because you can find what you need to practice. That means you can have yoga sessions, drills and workouts. It doesn't matter what's your level. Personally, I became a member because after my recovery from an injury I highly needed to start practicing again with guidance. Ιt is worth becoming a member with such a subscription! ~a certified yoga teacher once said 🧡"

-Paraskevi P.

"This app is quite appropriate to my needs, as i can choose either 15 minutes classes or 60 minutes classes according to my need of the day. The teachers' instructions are clear and i can easily follow on the same time. Sometimes, i only need a restorative one to work on, and it also has in the app."

- Chrystine K.


"I really like this App. Everytime you want to practice you can choose according to the style and the duration of the class that you want to do. All teachers are super!"

- Ilaria T.

"This is my favorite app, because the instructors challenge you, but also understand that not everyone is flexible right off the bat. They provide options to the positions until you can achieve and improve to do the actual positions. They are very clear, concise and welcoming. I have taken most of the beginner classes and some repeats to improve my flexibility and strength. Because of the classes and this app, I’m studying to be a yoga instructor. Thank you!"

-Susan O.



"This app is super helpful and so easy to access and fit into your day! Some amazing videos that are really informative and perfect for anyone needing to add some yoga into their routine!"

- Renu S.


The thing I love the most about this is the variety of types of yoga and workouts. Plus, it’s been the only app that I’ve managed to find with a Pre and Post Natal category!!

- Darian L.


"I wish I could mention just one thing that I like about htpy. But there is a list: 1. The yogi's sharing videos for beginners to do inversions/balancing asanas 2. the content 3. The mixture of offline/live sessions."

- Vatsala A.



"I am super excited about HTPY! I am a college student, so the fact that I can take these amazing classes on a budget is really awesome. I've always wanted to have a more consistent practice, but always either got bored and didn't feel challenged by what else is out there on the Internet or I just couldn't afford it. HTPY has given me the best of both worlds: world class teachers challenging me each day for a price I can actually afford as a college student! I've never felt so good before. I love HTPY so much and I recommend it to everyone I know!"

- Kate H.

"I absolutely love the variety on this app! I found this app through Mary Ochsner as I have practiced with her for months before howtopracticeyoga came out. I am absolutely obsessed with the Yoga Sculpt classes with Missy F. and the HITT classes with Kate A. to help supplement my regular yoga practice! I’m building so much time all over my body and my cardio endurance has improved! I also love Hiro’s classes because I’m learning so much about mobility and the functionality of the poses! Overall a great place to practice yoga from the comfort of my home!"

- Britnie W.

"Surprisingly high quality videos for the price. There's something here for everyone. I can find a class for any mood or level of activity - making it easy to take a class everyday if I want. I really like the yoga sculpt classes which are the perfect mixture of stretching and working out. There are also some more advanced classes that are approachable as well as classes for complete beginner."

- Elan L.

"Whether I was a 45 min 'sweaty' class or a simple 15 minute stretch flow, it's easy to find in the app. And i love all the teachers I've seen so far! Tons of variety. Can't beat the price too - cheaper than one class at a studio."

- Yoga Viking

"Best place to get your yoga journey started! And make sure to try breathwork and meditation too!" 

- Whitney C.

"I'm obsessed with your platform! Feels so aligned, and as a yoga teacher myself I appreciate the depth and knowledge there is available."

- Danielle H.

"Your classes have become one of the best parts of my day! I really really love your platform! I'm going to try Mary's Yoga for Sleep in a couple of hours! Can't wait!"

"I loved all of the instructors and their energy was just electric. I'm huge on energy and I could just tell they really cared about their classes."

- Cora T.

"Love this [Beginner's] series. Thank you I'm new to yoga."

- Cesilia V.

"I'm obsessed with this app! They have a bunch of series that you take daily and then help you progress and get stronger. Having these daily workouts set up in this format have inspired me to stick with a workout routine while the gyms are closed. Also really good posture breakdowns and one-off classes of all different time lengths, so I feel like I can actually practice 'peak postures' and classes safely without needing the studio." 

- Liz B.

"Amazing fitness app!!!! I love all the classes especially the 21 day sculpt challenge! All the instructors are amazingly knowledgeable and it's so easy to follow and keep up with the classes! The app organized each class type well and there is a nice flow to the app! Love this!"

- Shirley Feng

"Easy to use and use anywhere."

- Ashley Borja

"Awesome app"

-Roger Newton-Darby

"I am LOVING the videos. I've only been through a couple of them so far, but I'm looking forward to finding more for them. The first class I did was De'Andre's gentle stretch. It was so great! He is encouraging, and it made me so happy to take his class! I'm impressed with the video and sound quality. Thank you for that. It makes it difficult when you can't hear an instructor, and I can hear each instructor I've tried so far. I also did Roxanne's Beginner Flexibility Flow. She's so great! I love her gentle spirit and through instructions. Before COVID hit everything down, I had been back to yoga after a few years away. But no instructor has ever been so detailed! I feel like I'm finally learning the right way to practice! Can't wait to explore more classes! Thank you, thank you!!" 

- Sarah D.

"Thank you for this amazing platform. I started yesterday to us it. I'm following Martina Rando's classes since two months ago so yesterday I took one of her classes. I think Martina is really amazing and I like all of her classes. But I bought this abo also because I want to improve mine handstand practice so I'm pretty sure that I will also took those kind of lessons. I can't wait to take classes with all of the other teachers. Thank you"

- Ilaria T.

"I am a keen beginner Yogi! From looking at training Insta's etc some of the poses I am intermediate and some very much beginner. I have ambitions of being able to carry out a successful crow or wheel pose, but I understand this is a process and not a quick fix! I am happy to try out all classes and give them a go, but also looking for training on how to progress the more difficult poses and alternative transitions which may see me get there!! Looking forward to getting started now!! Namaste!"

- Laura M.

"I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and am 300 hr teacher certified. I also have been teaching competitive gymnastics for about 25 years. So far, I am really enjoying your classes on line. As a teacher, I am good at motivating my students to discover what they are capable of, but for myself, I usually prefer to just rest! I need a voice of a qualified guide to encourage me to stay in the postures for just a moment longer. During this strange time of sheltering in place, your online teachers are just what I need. I love the option to choose how much time you can dedicate and the site is very well organized. Good job!"

- Noel Y.

"I am a beginner at yoga and so far I've tried a few Vinyasa classes with Mary Oschner and I really liked them. They are simple and easy to follow, just what a beginner needs, and she exudes happiness. I really like her. :)"

- Vanesa B.

"Thank you so much! I'm loving your platform. I think it's bringing a much needed new (& creative) approach to online yoga classes. Making them so much fun, approachable and engaging."

- Pat S.

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