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Get Ready To Flow!

FREE 7-Day How to Practice Yoga Challenge

Explore some of our favorite and most watched How to Practice Yoga classes!

Join our 7 Day How to Practice Yoga Challenge all designed to leave you feeling stronger, more centered, and more connected to yourself.


Experience our world-class teachers in seven FREE powerful classes.

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Beginner Slow Flow with Mary Ochsner

Linger in poses, build endurance, focus your mind, and find space in your body with this slow flow led by master yogini Mary Ochsner.



Body Smart Yoga with Hiro Landazuri

Learn and flow! Build intelligence in the body as we work towards an elevated flow state in our practice. Each class is different and regardless of experience or skill level it will be equal parts challenging and rewarding. 



Strong Vinyasa Flow with De'andre Sinette

In this strength building sequence with De'Andre Sinette, you’ll flow through power postures, core exercises, and one-legged balances, all linked with breath. It’s a full-body workout that’ll melt stress away.



I Am Focused: Mantra Vinyasa Series with Vance Vlasek

Experience the power of focus in the fourth class of our mantra series with Vance! Tap into your third eye center to expand your intellect, imagination, and intuition with pranayama and slow vinyasa flow. 



Full Body: YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques

Are you ready to sweat? In this 30 minute Yoga Sculpt Class, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. This class incorporates cardio bursts to get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. Weight optional. Just you and your mat! 



Beginner Slow Flow with Peter Walters

Welcome to our beginner friendly slow flow! This class isn’t exactly restorative, but it’s super chill and accessible to most, mostly-able bodied people. I created this for my 70 year-old parents, and yet some older folks are super-athletes, and some young folks are less mobile. This is a great place to start your yoga journey. 



Unwind & Release:

Glow Flow with Kaylie Daniels

Unwinding with 20 minutes of gentle, juicy stretching is all that separates you from a relaxed, awakened body.

Yoga When And
Where You Need It

Turn your home into the perfect studio for you, just open any of your favorite devices and begin practicing. Get instant access to 600+ yoga flows, sculpt, and meditation classes in our library!

50% off your first month for our entire library
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