How to Practice: Camel Pose

Learn how to rock camel!

Camel pose, Ustrasana, is a beautiful heart opener and core strengthener that opens the shoulders, chest, and upper-back. It's great at extending your thoracic spine (the middle of your back), instead of dumping into the low back. Camel pose is a challenging pose in the sense that you need the trust in yourself to lean back and feel fully supported by your strength.

Things that need to happen in your body for camel pose:

  • Open chest

  • Open shoulders

  • Spinal extension - the backbend should come from the upper back (think about lengthening the low back during this pose so you don't dump everything there)

  • Open hip flexors

  • Neutral hips - not tucked (posterior tilt) nor extended at the low back (anterior tilt)

  • Core engagement

Poses that help with prepping your body for camel

Front Body Opening:

  • Child's pose

  • Upward facing dog

  • Wild thing (aka Flip Dog)

  • Puppy pose

  • Extended mountain pose

  • Full body stretch on back

  • Extended side angle

  • Warrior 1

Core engagement poses:

  • Bird dog in table top

  • Knee to elbow crunch

  • Plank knee to elbow

  • Chaturanga pushup

  • Boat pose

  • Low boat pose

  • Charging warrior pose

  • Crunch with table top legs

Some things to note:

  • Breathing with awareness not only helps you tap into your inner strength, but also helps keep you rooted during these poses and transitions

  • Inhale to lengthen your spine, exhale to go deeper

  • Hold each pose 5-10 breaths and move at your own pace