Try This 11-Minute Yoga Sculpt Circuit

When you're working with limited time, trying to squeeze a 45-minute How to Practice Yoga: Sculpt class might not be possible. And sure, you can YouTube some HIT or tabata class to fill your exercise ring, but if you're craving flow, that will probably leave you wanting something.

This on the go circuit is designed in the spirit of vinyasa, which means all movement should flow with your breath. You'll inhale when you're actively creating length or rising upwards, and you'll exhale when there's a contraction or crunch, or if you're flowing towards the ground. The movements are repetitive to challenge your body and give you time to get out of your head and into the sensation of the pose. No weights required. Just 11 minutes of your day.

Spotify playlist Inspiration (short but sweet, with a juicy savasana!):

Warm Up: Cat/Cow with Knees Off the Mat x10

From table top pose, tuck your toes and hover your knees an inch from the mat. Pull your belly in to engage your core, and push all ten fingers into the mat. On your inhale, drop your belly and lift your chest and chin towards the sky to find a cow pose. On your exhale, curve and round your spine like a scared cat.

Modification: If keeping your knees off the mat doesn't work today, lower your knees and take traditional cat/cow.

Recover in down dog pose.

Plank to High Lunge x 20

From down dog, shift forward to high plank pose. Lift your right leg off the mat, and on your inhale, step your right food forward in between your hands and rise into a high lunge. On your exhale, lower your hands to the mat and step back into plank. On your next inhale, lift your left leg off the mat, step it forward in between your hands and rise into a high lunge. On the exhale, place your hands back on the mat and step back into plank.

Flow breath to movement 20 rounds, focusing all your concentration on your breath and building heat.

Modification: If holding plank in between sides is too much on your wrists, swap out plank for down dog.

Recover in child's pose.

Chaturanga Push Ups to Down Dog x 10

From down dog, hinge forward to high plank. Keep your elbows pulling in towards your side and lower half way down (low pushup). Your forearm should be parallel with the mat. Hold steady, then press straight back into a high plank, and use your core to pull you back into down dog. Take a breath in down dog, then repeat.

Flow breath to movement x 10 reps

Recover in child's pose.

Move to down dog, then jump forward to standing at the top of the mat.

Lunge to Squat x 20

Stand with your feet hip width distance apart. On your inhale, sit down into a squat, exhale rise. Then, step your right foot back into a lunge, come back to standing, do the modified squat, and lunge back with the left leg.

Flow breath to movement 20 rounds.